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There are two main intakes a year, beginning of March and
September. Teachkorealimited is able to source positions throughout
the year due to its personal relationship with the Education Boards in

2. Can I take my children with me?

Yes but it depends of the age of the children as to how
successful this is. International schools are very expensive so for
teenage children it becomes difficult to cater for their educational
needs. Younger children can attend local schools and private childcare
is about 450,000Won a month.

3. What is the accommodation like?

Accommodation is usually in apartments. These apartments are
not large but are adequate for people on their own. Couples are
generally accommodated in slightly larger apartments. The apartments
have essentials in them but you will probably have to buy things to
make your life style more comfortable.

4. How expensive is it to live in Korea?

Power and gas are very cheap, power is about NZ$10.00 a month
and gas is around NZ$20.00. Food is similar in prices to NZ and
Canada. If you eat Korean food this will be much cheaper but if you
wish to eat European food you will find this is expensive. Clothes are
usually cheaper unless you buy at high fashion stores.

5. What should I take with me?

Personal clothing. Your laptop as you can store a alrge number of
resources and personal data on this. Deodorants as these are not
readily available. Feminine products as these also are not always
easily found.
Things like leather goods, technological equipment are readily available.

6. How much money should I take?

Take enough money to last a month. Applicants will need to catch the
bus from Incheon Airport, which is normally around $30.00. You will
need to take the compulsary Medical, which is around $80.00. It is a
good idea to take a Debit Visa Card with which you can withdraw money
from your accounts in NZ or Canada until your Korean bank account is
set up. International ATMs are found at most large banks and are
identifiable by the Credit Cards listed down the side of the ATM.






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