Re: Business reference letter for Teach Korea Ltd

I am happy to provide a reference for the services of Teach Korea Ltd. I have been associated with Mary Yoon and her company for the past five years and find her to be a trustworthy person whose professionalism has ensured my time so far in South Korea has been an excellent experience.

This opportunity to be working in South Korea is only due to the hard working effort by Mary and her team to ensure that all my documents and necessary applications were filled and sent out accordingly.

The communication with Teach Korea Ltd since I initially came here has proved to be very invaluable. Whether it was helping to deal with employment and cultural issues or informing me of the latest recruits coming into Korea, the ongoing support by Teach Korea Ltd ensured that I was and still am being well looked after. Their commitment and reliability are two traits that I can personally vouch for.

If you are thinking of helping to further the English education of South Korean students then I gladly recommend Teach Korea Ltd as the platform to launch your dream.

Yours Sincerely

Arnold Poe

Jeollabukdo Board of Education Native English Speaker.

30 Mar 2012


 A video from Arnold Poe telling his experience in teaching in South Korea
Arnold Poe


This video is from Neil Matheson and Michelle Fletcher about their teaching experience from South Korea.
They have been teaching in South Korea for 1 year now and this is their short story.

Neil and Michelle






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