On 29/01/2012, at 2:19 AM, Jean-Pierre Goulet  wrote:


Hello Andrew (and other staff at Teach Korea);  I will follow up with a “proper” thank you letter; just thought I’d get this out to you before Hae Won departs…

First of all, thank you for the Christmas card; it told us you value your host families and want to have a good relationship with them.

Second, thank you for the opportunity to host another Korean ESL teacher. (Our first was Sung He–who we knew as Hanna–back in the Spring of 2011.)

Hae Won was a “gem”. Intelligent, warm, forthright and optimistic, she and I became friends within 24 hours.

Our family also enjoyed meeting her friend Sung He. (We celebrated Korean New Year together with Korean food and 3 rounds of Yut-Nori !)


In the fourteen years that I’ve been a host mom, I have never had such a good “bond” with one of our guests. Our ongoing dialogue (conversations over supper, walks around our neighborhood and shopping trips) revealed we had much in common: as women, as teachers / community leaders, as wives, as mothers. On several occasions when I felt “burdened” by domestic chores or family responsibilities, my spirits were lifted by Hae Won’s cheerful nature and interest not only in the Canadian way of life but also in each member of our family. (I was also touched by her most elegant and thoughtful gifts (eyeglass case with the Korean butterfly and flower motif and a set of stainless steel chop sticks–each with its own elegant case)


Our daughters (aged 14 and 12) will always remember Hae Won as she took the time to get to know them and told them she wants to spend her last night in Toronto with them. (Most of our previous guests spend the last evening shopping.) Hae Won also stimulated our daughters’ curiosity by mentioning–during the 1st round of Yut Nori–that Korean civilization goes back “about 3000 years”. (Regrettably, our school system doesn’t provide much of a foundation in Asian history so many young Canadians don’t appreciate these nations’ huge cultural and economic contributions–and challenges.)


Last but not least, I wish to say “kudos” to your organization; we find you so professional: knowledgeable, clear / precise, organized, polite etc..


All in all, our whole family says THANK YOU for this uplifting homestay experience!




p.s. If you are looking for an extra host family I can recommend one to you. Michele, Kullervo and Ben H. (Bayview and Eglington) would like to host a teacher as of May 2012. (RSVP)

p.p.s. If you wish to send us another female ESL teacher, we’d be happy to host her !