WHO We are?

Since 2007, Teach Korea Limited has been a registered recruitment company working from Christchurch, New Zealand. We specialise in the recruitment of native English speaking graduates from New Zealand, Canada and around the world, to work in South Korea as assistant teachers, teaching English to Korean students at all levels. Our aim is to provide professional service to Korean schools, employers and teaching applications to ensure that the schools benefit from best ESOL teaching practice, making it beneficiary to teachers using the best employment opportunities. Due to the growing opportunities in Korea and our developing business, Teach Korea LTD began operating a recruitment branch in Toronto, Canada from July 2011. We recruit for public schools under a one year contract with the Office of Educations from the Korean Government.

WHY Korea?

Japan, China and Korea is one of the most exciting countries in Asia.  And teaching English (ESL) in Asia has become a truly dynamic experience for upcoming teachers.   In Korea, students without English communication skills both in middle and high school, is assured of being left behind. Therefore ESL teachers are a huge demand in the market.


Salary and Benefits

Monthly – KRW2,300,000 (approx. USD$ 2,300) in Rural schools
Monthly – KRW2,200,000 (approx. USD$ 2,200) in Urban schools

Fully furnished accommodation provided – Single studio housing
Entrance allowance (airfares) KRW1,300,000 (approx. USD$1,300)
Settlement Allowance (First month spending allowance) KRW300,000(approx. US$300)
Renewal Allowance KRW 2,000,000 (approx. US$ 2,000)
Compulsory Medical Insurance (50%)


Eligible Condition

- A completed University Degree to at least the Bachelor Level.
- TEFL / TESOL/ ESL English teaching Certificate (+ 100 hours)
- A valid Passport from a recognised English speaking country (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, United States of America)
- A clean Police Record
- A clear Medical Record. Never have any history of Physical or Psychiatric Illness.
- Ready to accept different culture


Ongoing Feedback

We believe that it is important to maintain communication between applicant and us, not only throughout the application process, but also while the applicant is in Korea. We encourage our successful applicants to stay in touch to ensure their arrival and settling into their new position goes smoothly.
We keep communicating with applicant in case of any issues that may arise and provide ongoing advice and support. Because Teachkorealimited’s partner’s fluency in Korean, problems can be quickly solved, without misunderstanding with the persons involved in Korea.


Managing Director Andrew Yoon

- Born in Pusan , Korea .

- Moved to Christchurch, New Zealand in 1992

- Created a business and has been the manager for over 17 years in Christchurch

- A Former local body politician – Currently TEACH Korea Ltd, at Toronto, Canada branch.


Official agent for JEOLLABUKDO




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